Returning to Mauritius

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Simon talking about Ian's death

In 2012 Simon talked about that night in Mauritius. 

Ian McCormack Interview

Ian and Jane speak about Ian's mum and Ian's testimony

Why I returned to Maurituis - opening interview

Ian & Jane explain why Ian traveled back to Mauritius in April 2012 to discover more of his testimony


Ian's Search of the Box Jellyfish

Ian talks about the box Jellyfish { Invisible } on the Island of Mauritius, April 2012


Ian Speaks with Simone

Ian speaks with Simone, who was with him the night he was stung by box jellyfish"


Ian McCormack's Testimony

Ian speaks to the divers and fisherman on the island of Mauritius, and tells of his testimony.


Stories About The Mauritian Box Jellyfish 

Ian recently traveled to Mauritius to find out information on the jellyfish { Invisible / Medusa } he was killed by." Interviews from people who live in Mauritius.


Jane McCormack & Lee Moy

Ian's wife Jane talks about her time in Mauritius. Lee Moy from Tamarin Bay shares how she knew Simon who told her that the doctors tore up Ian's death certificate when he came back to like in the hospital.


The Fruit of Ian's Testimony




Here is some recent video footage of Ian's mum & dad on how his mum was lead to pray the night Ian was dying in the ambulance in Mauritius in 1982. Plus how his parents remember Ian's return to NZ from Mauritius in a second interview. And thirdly an interview with the family nurse back in NZ who first saw Ian when he went to see his doctor. 

Praying Mum:

Ian’s Return To His Parents In NZ:

The Nurse :

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