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Resources - Audio and Video


1.  Christian City Church - Oxford Falls, Sydney, Australia   Testimony Oxford Falls

 2.  The Rock Church, Wellington , NZ , April 2005         18,133Kb Testimony  

 3.   Christian City Church, Auckland, NZ,  April 2005       13,731Kb Testimony

4.    Destiny Church Glasgow, Scotland, March 2014    http://www.destiny-ministries.net/mp3


A Glimpse of Eternity Video's:

We do not personally sell or handle the distribution of my experience. We do not receive any royalties from the sale of DVD's, books or tapes, and do not set a price on them. There is NO copyright … which means you can freely down load & copy them for friends.

" Freely you have received, freely give ". { Matt 10: 8 }
God Bless you.
Ian & Jane McCormack



Here is some recent video footage of Ian's mum & dad on how his mum was lead to pray the night Ian was dying in the ambulance in Mauritius in 1982. Plus how his parents remember Ian's return to NZ from Mauritius in a second interview. And thirdly an interview with the family nurse back in NZ who first saw Ian when he went to see his doctor. 

Praying Mum:


Ian’s Return To His Parents In NZ: 


The Nurse : 



You can view my testimony on video in 11 various meetings below:  Just click on a link: 


1. 700 Club Interview : This is a 22 minute interview that was filmed on the 700 Club in Feb 2010

700 Club interview 


2. Aberdeen Scotland : 2014 meeting in Scotland



3.  Re-enactment of Ian's testimony in Mauritius - filmed 2003.

https://vimeo.com/61644804  or



4. C3 : Christian City Church - Oxford Falls, Sydney Australia


Or on Youtube :

part 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atikR2jzFJQ

part 2 :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3-Sb9zxbI0

part 3 :   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dToz8_nrlaE

part 4 :   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-jC7JfZHOc

part 5 :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gk6uy-GdQ0

part 6 :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c7H_yEqsfA

part 7 :   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyIykEJdE54


5. St Paul's Anglican Church, London.  You can view this video on



6. Revelation TV Interview : London UK , Howard Conder : 1994



7. 2nd Interview of Ian's testimony on Revelation TV - London England - 2001.



8.  Royal Albert Hall, Easter Sunday 2002



9.  Orginal video of Ian's testimony filmed at a farmer home in New Zealand 1988.

http://www.vimeo.com/21501439   or


Notes on this 1988 video from Ian :

I have spoken my testimony thousands of times and sadly I make mistakes .... but that does not, I believe, take away from the story ... other than the fact that we all can do it ... either accidently or on purpose ... or if you don't want to share all the details you can cut some things out in an attempt to condense the story because of time restraints / energy levels ....
When I first publically shared my testimony in 1988 in New Zealand the people at the meeting wanted to record it ... but I didn't want any one to do it because I felt it was something you shared personally rather than through media { I have since changed my mind on that } ... But one of the people at the meeting had a family member who was dying in a hospital and so they wanted them to hear it as they couldn't come to the meeting in this farmers house.
I found it abit unnerving with a mike & video camera in front of me and because the experience took place in 1982 and so it was now 6 - 7 years later I was reliving it while I spoke. It was very emotional for me ... and realize later that I had made a couple of mistakes while sharing it .... and I knew that when I loaded it up on the web for free along with all the other videos I have put up over the years .
So on the 1988 video I did say that I woke up and they were about to wheel me off to the morgue ... I remember how nervous I was that day and was wondering if anyone would believe me, if I said I had been dead and woke up in the morgue ... so I do remember distinctly trying to tone it down ....
But in reality I had woken up & I was already in the morgue ... They had moved my dead body from the Accident & Emergency when I died to the mortuary section of the hospital ... and it was a completely different doctor that was working on me. He was pricking the base of my foot with a scalpel. And when the nurses saw me wake up & come back to life, they ran in fear .... not exactly something they would do if I had only been in a coma ....
Hope this helps
God Bless Ian


10. London Meeting - 2011 , most recent meeting Ian has spoken in



11.  Vail Colorado U.S.A. - 2102